We use small files (known as ‘cookies’) which are put into your computer to measure how you browse our site. These cookies are used to:

  • Update and improve our website based on how we meet your needs
  • Help us target our ads better. We use them to show ads to you based on what pages you have visited on our website.
  • Memorise notifications you’ve been sent so we don’t repeatedly send them to you

The cookies we use do not identify you personally. You’ll normally see a message on the site before we store a cookie on your computer.

We use Google Analytics software to measure how you use our site. This allows us to make sure we are meeting the needs of our website users and helps us make improvements. Google Analytics will tell us what pages you visit, the time you spent on each page what browser you used and where you visit when you are on our website.

We use the Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag to measure and target our ad campaigns.

We don’t collect or store your personal information (your name or address) the information is anonymous.

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What happens if you don’t accept cookies?
This could affect how our website works on your computer or mobile phone. We recommend that you accept cookies.

What happens when I delete cookies?
You will have to update your preferences with us again and you may find that some pages of our site may not work.

What if I use more than one device?
Each time you use a different device or different web browser you will have to tell us your cookie preferences again.

You can find out more about cookies and what they do on this website www.aboutcookies.org.uk

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