b. 1959, Canada; lives and works in London and Antrim, Northern Ireland

1982-84 Slade School of Art, London, MA

1979-82 Belfast College of Art, BA 

Elizabeth Magill’s main preoccupation has been with painting and in particular with reference to landscape. She is celebrated for her evocative landscapes, which capture atmospheric conditions with great sensitivity: the luminosity of daybreak, or the cool glow of moonlight. The scenes appear to be situated on the edge of urbanity — roofs, streetlamps or telephone wires can occasionally be sighted in the background, but human figures are rare.

She describes her approach as “experimental”, combining photography and printmaking with painting. She uses this genre to explore possibilities within her painting process, playing with notions around constructed worlds, often inspired by the view from her studio in Northern Ireland.These works often elicit an emotional sense of the infinite.