b. 1946, UK; lives and works in London and Cortona, Italy
1971 Royal College of Art, London, MA
1968 Manchester College of Art and Design, BA 

Val Archer’s contribution to Cure3 in 2020, Fish Tank, is a powerful combination of intricate detail and playfulness. The juxtaposition between the ancient tradition of mosaic and contemporary art creates a unique and uncanny space. In the artist’s own words, “the Cure Cube reminded me of both a vitrine and a fish tank, so I combined the two ideas inspired by mosaics that I had seen in Naples and Sicily.” Any representation of the deep sea carries connotations of inaccessibility and hidden beauty. Here, the artist continues her practice of meticulous representation of nature and architecture to create a work that has the effect almost of a hidden treasure: preserving beauty and culture for posterity, which, in the context of the Cure3 project is highly appropriate.