b.1962, Seoul, Korea; lives and works in London, New York and Seoul

1997 Yale University, USA, MA Sculpture

1994 Rhode Island School of Design, USA, BFA

1987 Seoul National University, Korea, BA and MA in Oriental Painting 

Do Ho Suh is widely known for his exquisite fabric sculptures that recreate, to scale, elements of his former homes, decontextualised and suspended in beauty within galleries and museums. Suh is interested in the malleability of space in both its physical and metaphorical forms, and examines how the body relates to, inhabits, and interacts with that space. He often centres the domestic and the way the concept of home can be articulated through architecture that has a specific location, form, and history. For Suh, the spaces we inhabit contain psychic energy, and his work makes visible markers of memory, experience, security and dislocation, while interrogating the notion of site specificity.