b. 1930 London. Lives and works in London.

Elected Royal Academician 1980

1948-52 Chelsea School of Art

1952-55 Royal College of Art, receiving the Abbey Minor Travel Scholarship and also awarded a Spanish Government Scholarship.

Anthony Whishaw’s work deals with explorations of memory and experience. On the edge of representation, varying in intent, scale and depiction, his art seeks to reconcile illusion and allusion, the abstract and the figurative.

Whishaw has had numerous solo shows throughout the UK and internationally including the Royal Academy of Arts, ICA, Barbican, Kettle’s Yard, RWA and in Shanghai, Madrid and Hamburg amongst others. His work appears in numerous collections worldwide.

The work on show for Cure3, ‘Curious Cube’ (2005-21), is a playful exploration of the spatial possibilities of a cube in two dimensions. The illusion of three-dimensions takes a moment for the brain to discover and, once found, can be observed however as it is rotated: the painting can be hung in any one of 12 possible orientations.


View artist’s website: www.anthonywhishaw.com

Instagram: @anthonywhishaw