1997, UK; lives and works in Manchester

2015-18 University of Salford, BA

Katie McGuire’s work is centred around the ideas, thoughts and sensory reactions experienced when exploring different environments and how she can manipulate a range of industrial materials to create a conversation within a new setting. McGuire believes in creating sculptures solely by hand to emphasise the idea of manual labour in the industry trade. As a female Northern working-class artist, it is important for Katie to explore her heritage through the reproduction of industry in an artistic aesthetic manner.

Recent exhibitions include: Warrington Contemporary Art Fest, Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Warrington (2022); Unit 4, Open Studios, Islington Mill, Salford (2022); Major Conversations:The Industrial Narrative, The Turnpike Gallery, Leigh (2019) and Warrington Contemporary Arts Fest,Warrington Museum and Art Gallery, Warrington (2018). In 2022 McGuire won The Liverpool Plinth Award for a 12 month public sculpture commission at Liverpool Parish Church and in 2018 she was commissioned by Clifford Whitworth Library at the University of Salford.