b. 1984, U.S.A.; lives and works in New Jersey, U.S.A

2010-14 University of California, Los Angeles: School of the Arts and Architecture; MA

2002-06 Pitzer College, BA

Kathleen Ryan’s practice focuses on working with materials such as cast iron, marble, granite and found objects reminiscent of the American vernacular to form sculptures that reference both natural forms as well as industrially manufactured produce. Engaging deliberately with formal sculptural concerns such as volume, weight, pressure, balance, and line, Ryan also subtly alludes to the material’s historical and economic underpinnings, along with frequent references to the human body and classical motifs. Recent solo exhibitions include: Josh Lilley, London (2022); Karma, New York (2021); Fondazione Antonio Dalle Nogare, Bolzano (2020); The New Art Gallery Walsall, UK (2019); MIT LIST Visual Arts Centre, USA (2019); CC Foundation & Art Centre, China (2018); and Kunsthistorisches Museum, Austria (2017).