b. 1980, UK; lives and works in Margate 

Boo Saville makes work that spans both abstraction and figuration and that responds to internet-found images. She is currently working on large colour field paintings shown alongside found-image-based black and white figurative paintings. She is well known for her use of biros and has made paintings using clothes dye, bleach, and ink.

She has shown in Milan; Paris; Hong Kong; Berlin; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto; and the Museum of New and Old Art, Tazmania. Saville has been featured in Francesca Gavin’s book Hell Bound: New Gothic Art (2008), and in 100 New Artists (2011), as well as in Vogue, ES Magazine, The Times and The Independent. She is represented within the Collezione Maramotti and Soho House Group collections, and Damien Hirst recently acquired her work for his private collection. Her solo exhibition Chimera is currently on view at Davidson Contemporary in New York.